Because we work with a large flexible team of highly skilled professionals we are able to offer a wide range of design and development services

Markets World.


Out of date trading platform

No mobile applications

Slow trading platform and lag for the data

Low security: exposure to DDOS attacks impacting system performance

Infrastructure issues

Performance issues at peak usage

Scalability issues, difficult to add new products

Back office operations were limited, had bugs and limited opportunities to improve.


Best in class new trading platform.

Real time trading mobile applications.

New Docker infrastructure with continuous integration allowing them to build, ship, test, and deploy apps automatically, securely, and portably with no surprises.

High speed data processing modules

Complex marketing programs

Real time data streamer



Quixel is a UK startup revolutionizing the Broadcasting industry. Quixel encodes and distributes hundreds of terabytes of high value broadcast quality video content for blue chip companies and broadcasters, such as the London Olympics 2013, ESPN, Apple and BBC.

They were looking for a development partner that can match their ambitions for innovation.


We redesigned the encoder/uploader from scratch, adding powerful functionality such as chapter selection, HD streaming formats and up to 16 broadcast ready encode formats.

We crafted a powerful HTML5 player featuring audio meters, graphic safe boundaries, image capture, frame by frame control, preview video, sharing and tooltips.

The Quixel platform was developed in record time and budget, while contributing to several innovations and patents.



Modernise a deprecated peer to peer car sharing platform with multiple integrations incl; 3rd party insurance, license checks and vehicle registration API’s and get it to market as quick as possible to prove the business model, in time for next series of funding.


Multiple features improved including new ones developed and maintained over existing technology with all bugs ironed out helping HiyaCar prove their business model in time to secure their next series of funding.



Management of large datasets for multiple brands and locations across multiple listing sites. Complex processes between UK and Indian operations.

Multiple integrations needed across different platforms.


Developed new integrations with smoother transfer of data. Eliminated cross platform issues that were slowing performance. Improved speed, performance and quality of operations.

MiShop.local have become a leader in their market, serving high-value, Blue Chip companies who demand service quality and performance when managing stored data.

We Love Surveys.


Old deprecated system with basic reporting needed considerable manual work for new projects. Their customers required tailored solutions for their needs and to integrate with internal systems to mix data providing relevant easy to use reports or internal alerts.

Clients included: Airfrance, Argos, Orange, NHS, Screwfix, SFR


The new system was able to collect data using a wide range of channels such as: Tablets, Phones, Computers, Kiosks.

The new system was easy to use, the employees were able to setup customized solutions for the clients and integrate them with other systems. In almost all cases, there was no development required and the training for a new employee to use the new system was much shorter than before.



Manage and eliminate the possibility of 3rd party collaborators with Tuborg to steal or damage different assets sent across the country.


Eliminated over 90% of damaging events and made asset tracking a very easy task for a big company like Tuborg. Deliverables included API Development, Back office application development, Mobile application development (Android & iOS) including native implementation for both platforms.

LIDL Recipes.


We made Lidl products more attractive and versatile by presenting them in appetizing recipes, created with chefs and consumers. We designed a recipe platform and mobile application to bring the products online, with mouth-watering visuals and useful utilities to drive footfall in shops.


Unique visits peak – 160,000 visitors / month

Engagement – 80,000 recipes downloaded, over 300,000, recipes shared, 6,000 Website Unique Accounts in 3 months